Wednesday, September 4, 2019

into place

"into place"
I can finally feel the pieces
and it feels like a breath of fresh air.
There's a delicate kind of mending happening
that is pulling
these pieces back together and into place.

There was a significant amount of time
I spent living with these broken fragments
where I just accepted these tears
I cried at night.
Thought of ways I could die.
Looked for ways to numb the pain
and died
a thousand times in my head.

Somewhere along my flow of moments,
I forgot how it felt to not dread the day.

One can spend so much time lost in lonely thought
the world begins to feel so large,
and the space in between the pieces
too far,
to ever pull back into place,
too great to ever overcome,
they just slowly fade from memory
and drift beyond the ether
and into the void.
Leaving only a shell of a person
whom once had purpose.

I feel the mending.
I can feel the healing happening.
I can finally reach for the pieces
and hold them close
and hope to finally feel whole.
-Armando Torres