Friday, August 30, 2019

The superstition of coincidence

"The superstition of coincidence"
Outside of our ethereal bodies
there are no meanings
but only moments.
The illusion of regret
lives only 
within our hearts,
look long enough
for a reason
and superstition
will find you.
Forcing purpose to fade
and meaning manifesting
to take its place,
leaving now a moment
in the cosmos
forever yours.

So I wonder then
the meaning
of this sadness within my core,
because I know the superstition of coincidence
can give meaning
where there was none before.

I sit here with this autumn chill 
upon my icy cheeks
where it finds its meaning 
from my sadness
and know my suffering goes
And yet beneath this tree
among the falling autumn leaves
I find these tears of mine
mean nothing
but the sympathetic connection
to this moment,
serving as both memory and meaning,
but both do not exist outside my mind,
only the superstition of coincidence
has pushed relevance
into this unseen moment.
Where I exist.
Unseen with only meaning.
-Armando Torres