Thursday, September 19, 2019

I remember when...

"I remember when..."
I remember when you finally reached out again
after ten years,
and the nervousness that came with it.
At first there was apprehension to what it meant,
six months later
and I realized I've always loved you.

Our history runs long
for this connection to run deep.

We did try to keep each other away
but even then
that time spent apart
proved what we both knew,
that you loved me and I, you.

I remember the moment I kissed you
after ten years
of not hearing your voice,
I could now hear how excited you were
because you wanted my kiss.
A choice we both knew we wanted
and made
well before the moment
our lips came together again
for the first time in over a decade.

It wasn't long after
we realized all those feelings we tried to deny
were still alive and thriving.
And it won't be long now
when we know
spending the rest of our lives together
will be the only way
to say thank you to each other.
-Armando Torres