Wednesday, September 11, 2019

what is love...

"what is love..."
Love is too complex to ever be any one thing,
it goes beyond understanding,
and lingers on the fringes of instinct,
it's here where love likes to hide its reasons.

There's some sort of mysticism in it that exists
once our minds become self aware of it,
no longer
easily accessible as the years pile on.

Hidden back behind emotional walls and early year traumas,
pushed so far into the furthest recesses of all our emotions,
we then question if love is even real,
never realizing love is what connects every emotion throughout
and without it
we do not feel them at all,
there is no sadness or happiness without love,
no anger, rage, or tranquility without it.

Love is the conduit through which we build ourselves,
it's never been just one thing,
it's as if our bodies were built for this exact experience,
becoming only attainable through self surrender,
once the life we live shows us things that builds our barriers.

But love is built into our instincts,
because it happens naturally
within every facet of our emotional complexity.
Only with time do we find ways to subvert it,
not noticing this goes against our very nature,
then becoming only a shell of a person.

So I talk to you now Yessenia,
this is all for you, everything I am,
I love you,
you are my life,
my love,
my instinct,
my nature,
I'm more a person with you in my life.
I love you Yessenia.
-Armando Torres