Saturday, July 25, 2009

I can't save You

"I can't save You"
Gasping for its last breath, I grab onto salvation as it spits out its last utterances in moarnful goodbyes slobbering it out on the edges of its lips; forever painting the last pathetic pictures it will forever tell and yet I try with all I have to shove my breath of life into this dying piece of archaic regret. The deep ugly and awful moans cry out for it to be saved and as I lurch over to try and save that which I thought was worth saving, the awful magnitude of perspective wraps around me like a blanket and tears me away; and I finally say goodbye forever because I can't save you.
-Armando Torres

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

similar places of yore

"similar places of yore"
I find myself staring daringly into the unknown for those whose eyes stab into my back piercing deep just to catch a glimpse of what I see. I cant ever find my way back and yet somehow I find myself in similar places of yore; we live-we die and we find that which makes us see what we really never left, so there you stay in yester year staring daringly into here and now and yet somehow only let your eyes pierce my back just for that small glimpse of what I see. So I find myself in days forever gone trying desperately to find that which I think I see, only to say I believe those days are gone, only to let the long circles of night grow and the sounds of relevance pass looking back only to find myself in the same place I never thought Id be but yet somehow catch a glimpse of things I forgot to see.
-Armando Torres