Wednesday, April 29, 2009

beautifully gifted

"beautifully gifted"
There is something profoundly majestic in being so beautifully gifted in fitting with me, yet there exists a love note for no one but the empty air, the filling silence, no one and nothing but the stripped and bare reality that sits in front of my face. These emotions swirl around for nothing and no one and feels all too real even though however and perhaps because there seems to be nothing more but the breaths of whispers right in front of me, nothing more than an empty sore of self torn scabs; nothing more but the barren wasteland of an empty love that exists for no one but for the fact that its fabric of existence needs to be without end. I find myself writing an empty love note for nothing and no one but only for the feeling of finding it inside me without that which should be but isnt, that which should mean but is only meant. But for some other reason other than another, there is something profoundly majestic in being so beautifully gifted in not existing.
-Armando Torres

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a perfect chance

"a perfect chance"
A floating amalgamation of inspiration and chance inspires me to write with a fire from inside, a blunder in perfect chaos somewhere floating forever inside some perfect dance, a ballet of thought and glance but alas never touch but that of only a perfect chance. Somehow lost with purpose but found with irrelevance only to realize by chance the chaotically perfect design of simplicity, so these eyes close for they know somehow that in the beauty of that black a floating thought of absolutely everything I want floats inside a perfect chance.
-Armando Torres

dedicated to Kate, my amalgamation

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"it aint done"

"it aint done"
slosh it down till its gone, drink it down 'cause its there, gulp it down 'cause it aint done and now watch as the world doesn't care and wait for the room to tilt from side to eye and eye to side. watch as the ground feels like air and drink some more 'cause its there; now forget the day for the night and regret the night in the light as you drain your memories for all they're worth; as floating yellow vacancies. so slosh it down till its gone, drink so more with whores and be sure to gulp it open 'cause it aint done.
-Armando Torres

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

somewhere there

"somewhere there"
Its there, somewhere right there that I find that moment of peace that lets me melt the rest of the world away. No matter how much happens throughout the day its there, right there that I find the world in a moment and I forget in a moment, the world away. The spring heat whistles outside my window and the soft caresses of warm light touch my face and yet its right there, somewhere away from all that where I forget and life seems to count for nothing other than for that moment.
-Armando Torres

Sunday, April 5, 2009

my dichotomy

"my dichotomy"
I hate how you have me, I hate how you love me, I hate that I love you and everything that you do. I hate how your eyes are the most beautiful eyes Ive ever tasted with mine. I hate how your lips taste like pure bliss and I hate how so passionately we kiss. I hate how perfect you feel in my heart and I hate how perfect you smile and I hate how apart we are. I hate how I cant walk away and I hate how I cant say goodbye. I hate how much I love you and I love how much I hate you. I hate this, I hate it. I hate how I can see you but only exist as your secret. I hate how much I love this; I hate my dichotomy.
-Armando Torres

Saturday, April 4, 2009

only a tear away

"only a tear away"
I was fooled by the lonely illusion of thought of actually finding 'you'; you were nothing more than a reminder of my lonely life, nothing more than an exercise in delight. We felt right together but the fabrics of responsibility seemed too much in our infant state and you became nothing more but my reminder that life laughs coldest when you cry the loneliest tears. I found you only to not have you because this glass wall is too hard and too high to climb. So its here at my crossroad of life that I find you only a tear away; I miss you I say and you can see it only a tear away.
-Armando Torres

Friday, April 3, 2009

the Kiss that never Ends

"the Kiss that never Ends"
Even though I live most of the day without your kiss I find myself existing inside the small moments shared by our lips, wanting nothing more but to have those kisses to last for always. We kiss and we hold and waste the day with nothing more but the moments in between. I hold the air that lies intertwined between our tongues as we slide past one another until finally that air escapes our lungs where the moment finally lives its last seconds; and it is here at this time again that I start my fantasy again, where your lips contain the kiss that never ends.
-Armando Torres

through this pen

"through this pen"
I have to find myself in the right state of mind to write these words that I find, so to cry my tears through this pen my lonesome thoughts forsaken from the world and forged of things not. I somehow found being bound by my despair keeps me bare enough only to stare away and find these words to say; the empty air hangs heavy inside my room because it is how I find those forgotten thoughts which hide behind all the distractions the world has brought. Somewhere in the empty light that lingers I daze into obscurity and lose my mind only to find it a lonely thought away, only to feel it one single tear away; and I cry, I cry these words through this pen all the thoughts of forsaken men.
-Armando Torres