Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Well Beyond

"Well Beyond"
Somewhere there
in a far away land
between the draping trees and flowing grass
well beyond the frozen mountains
sits a man,
there where all exists upon a moment,
he sits waiting
upon a gilded throne
beyond the worries of normal men,
and perhaps
finds time a simple pleasure
to indulge and crush
between his fingertips
like the sands upon a beach
to make his will his own,
he sits head hung heavy
resting upon that fitted throne
perhaps to ponder
the specks of light
that peek out from behind the veil
only to have the night sky reveal to him
all the secrets it would keep from the minds of men,
his gaze extends well beyond the silvery ends of the majestic world
and finds all the answers forsaken to normal men
and looks out to each of us
over the frothy clouds and icy mountains
and smiles
realizing he never saw anything other than
what history had already painted over again.
-Armando Torres

Friday, March 1, 2013


Perhaps its been there longer
all the while
time grows around its corners,
hidden back behind 
the old moss and tall grass,
waiting in glorious patience
a past relic perhaps
gone from light and wonder
only to be discovered
in a time long since passed,
days now hold
only hollow reminders
that perhaps
its been there forever...
-Armando Torres