Monday, November 16, 2009

...but I can't stop kissing you

"...but I can't stop kissing you"
But I can't stop kissing you because somewhere between these moments of everything, I've seen what it is that makes you so special, I've seen that part of your eyes that has become so essential in saying that which requires that of only a look, that part that says its here where I need to be, you kissing me, touching your lips with mine and finding that slice of life that contains everything I've ever wanted. The moments these lips seem to share even when but a mere space away is exactly where my life should be, its here where my lips feel that flash of bliss that lasts for so long inside a single moment and I hope for it, long for it, wish for it and find I can't stop kissing you even when that moment has long sinced passed. The long moments of life at long last have found a purpose with just a kiss, thriving in pure infinity inside a single solitary moment. I live, I die, I find life only to realize I can't stop kissing you.
-Armando Torres