Thursday, September 19, 2019

you win

"you win"
The first time I kissed you
I felt it in my soul
and I saw the history of our lives in a flash.
I closed my eyes not knowing then
what I know now
or what it meant,
only knew what I felt was real love,
but in actuality,
     it was something else,
          something more than just my idea of love,

I didn't know what love was then,
did not understand it.
I only had the feeling for it,
so therefore only knew
what it felt like
under confusion and apprehension,

I know now it was the beginning
of learning how intricate love really was,
how it is now,
and how there will ever only be a lucky few to ever experience it,

The complexities of love's interconnected network
throughout my soul and through my emotions
connect everything I could ever feel for you,
I understand now you are the love of my life,
forever then and now,
since way back when before either of us knew,
it is the way its always been,
I love you and you knew you loved me
way before I knew what love was.
So you win.
-Armando Torres