Thursday, December 31, 2009

What You Do To Me

"What You Do To Me"
My life is justified because you’re in it, its because of you that everything means more than just something, it means everything again. Every time I hold you I have my whole world in my arms cause you are my whole everything and no harm will ever come this way; the sun rises and the night drips away. I never thought I’d see my whole world so tiny and big inside your eyes but that’s what you do to me. I forget the rest of the world away just so I can exist inside those tiny moments that paint a whole world just for the both of us; I find I realize I found everything I was looking for inside those eyes of yours, its all I see, that’s what you do to me. I cant find the seam nor do I mean to, I found what it is to be alive. You to me are like my eyes a view its seen but unlike a warm sunrise or soft clouds in the sky, I get to take you home with me. But coming here at first felt so new to me, almost felt I had cursed myself to be far from what I wanted, forever forgetting and finding no solace; but then I found you and I forgot what lonely felt like; loneliness no longer finds the need because the best thing of everyday is you, I love you. This is what you do to me.
-Armando Torres

dedicated to Elisa, love ya babe.