Monday, January 4, 2010

Just for that Kiss

"Just for that Kiss"
Its cold and my nose feels it, she grabs my hands with her warm ones and rubs them. I don't even realize it but she makes everything melt away and new again; she holds my hands cupped in hers up to her lips and blows into them, making them warm again, I forget again about the whole world again. I don't even see the snowflakes falling or the icy chill in our breaths, it all just exists to make this moment perfect. She wraps her arms around me and holds me tight and I can only just hug her like all the warmth of the world exists just between us. I can feel her warm breath on my neck as she brushes closer to me for a kiss on my cheek. She grabs my hand, one finger over the other and we turn to walk away from that moment, breaths still lingering in the air, intimate sweet nothings still on the edges of our lips and I turn to her one last time and kiss her just for the moment, just to exist for that kiss.
-Armando Torres