Thursday, March 19, 2009

Was Once but Now Just Was

"Was Once but Now Just Was"
There in the tattered weathered walls, in between those fallen desolate halls, right there beside the peeling paint and somewhere inside this dreary place lies in a different time, in a different life what it was once but is now just was and because time has washed away and has left what is, its many moments slowly slide further from this abandoned place leaving only the hollow silence of forgotten whispers, just enough to remember life lived through, just enough to feel the desolate pull of everything that once was but now exists only as everything that just is and will never be again. So I walk through with echoed steps and the soft ringing in my ears, with the stillness of forgotten elegance and the secrets too soft to hear; looking for the tears this place has shed and find them in places no one would ever care to look because what once was is just enough to be remembered. My eyes find the forgotten corners, the crying walls, the fallen floors and the empty halls. They find the tears that were shed so long ago with no one ever to see them, to be as a ghost and find existence as a hollow reminder on the tips of whispers that it was once but now just was.
-Armando Torres

Thursday, March 12, 2009

a pointless speck

"a pointless speck"
I found the meaning of my life just to watch it erode right before my eyes to a pointless speck of pale light shining in the distance in a black sky sprinkled with countless other pointless points. I had found it just to be fooled once more by all my expectations and now find myself in a tender position. A dark sky hanging overhead peppered throughout with tiny specks letting through the faint reminder of everything Ive ever got wrong but shining down a flawless hope like the tip of a diamond only to be ripped away everytime I hang my head down so low, hung heavy because I watch my meaning erode into a pointless speck of pale light.
-Armando Torres

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Chance

"A Chance"
I wanted a chance with you, just a chance. It was over before it ever started and thats why the tears fall on the inside. I wont let you see me cry, I wont let you see these feelings die, you will just taste the painful hurt on my face. Just the empty stare of a broken man, barren and bare, watching you leave with my smile hidden behind those sad eyes of yours because we both know all we needed was a chance, just a chance. I cant see you anymore through this foggy stare, they finally got out and you cant ever see them because your life doesnt need them, it doesnt need me. There's no longer room for that once beautiful secret you gave my eyes everytime I spoke a mile in words, no more room for your smile you hid away from the world and lovingly gave to me. No more and never because our chance is nothing and nowhere. All I ever wanted was a chance, just one chance.
-Armando Torres

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I can still...

"I can still..."
I can still taste you on my lips, I can still feel your hand rub mine, I do and still miss you. The day changes for night, the night for day and again we hold our breaths as the end approaches just so we can say goodbye again. We trade today for tomorrow, tomorrow for right now and a little later I can still taste you on my lips. The soft touches of your silky kisses, the shared seconds our lips share and I do still miss you. I close my eyes and lay alone and finally know where that big empty hole no longer is because there in those sensual seconds we shared, I can still taste you on my lips.
-Armando Torres