Monday, May 29, 2017

Another night

"Another night"
Another night of beer,
of sitting here
away from myself, trying to pull relevance from
my day,
trying to find the guts to love,
to talk
about that one time,
to linger at the edge of my glass
and to hide
behind this pint
to order another
and drink it fast
before I realize these stories of mine
are wearing thin,
I've gone and had too much again,
now I'm here by myself and one quick look
into the bathroom mirror and its all gone, its that sour smell again,
It's been another night,
and I find
I've gone and wasted another day.
-Armando Torres

Friday, May 26, 2017

There was a Time

"There was a Time"
I look down
and the ground disappears,
everything becomes a blur of color and sound
purely on the periphery of where my mind exists,
it's here
where I usually see you again,
as a thought,
an essence,
a boundless idea floating among the nostalgic waves of memory.

It's a late day in June
among the swaying trees,
the sting of the heat has softened
and the cool hues of every shade of blue and violet
have spread up and over the horizon,
the rhythmic pull of the ocean
pushes the glittering embers
of yellow and white over the surface of the water
toward the shores
disappearing in a flicker
against the sandy rocks.

There was a time
where I could see none of this,
A time
where your echoes
would be the only thing,
but now the ground fades to blur
and I find the softness of a cool summer breeze
brings me a smile.
-Armando Torres

Thursday, May 25, 2017


     in the darkness
sits a shadow,

     a ghostly relic
          refusing to be forgotten,
it waits patiently
as the night hours
fall upon me,

It relishes on all
     sweetest kinds of miseries,

pressing its long pointy finger
     against my head
          it pulls out
all my many fears,

horror fills my face
and its toothy grin grows,

getting what it wants
     it crawls
     from whence it came
          and waits patiently
once again
     for another delicious drip
of this anguish,

my terror turns to despair
and I quickly rest my eyes again,
falling back
into the dark void once more
where again it fills
     with my many agonies,

     knows this as well
and again
from the corner
I can hear the anticipation
in the giddy clicking of its toothy grin.
-Armando Torres

Monday, May 15, 2017

you were

"you were"
you were all the things
I thought
a person
could be to me,
you were at one time
the love of my life,
the piece of me
I never knew
was missing
until I found you,
I still catch glimpses
of our past,
those moments in the morning
we spent in bed
because our lips were so close
we could touch each other's,
all those lovely nights
spent on the couch
watching movies,
laughing together
learning life at the same time together,
you were to me
what I believed
every choice
I had ever made
was meant for,
I loved you,
we were happy
but that all changed
and you were no longer,
we were worth saving
but you saw me
as worth leaving,
I still miss you
you were as well,
you were.
-Armando Torres