Saturday, August 17, 2019


I've been in silence for too long,
emerging to find
the words I knew are gone,
And I don't recognize
the face I see
in this mirror,
there's a lifelessness to its appearance,
a strangeness I'm not familiar,

Existential doubt seems to linger
on the fringes
of my every thought,

Am I not the person I thought I was,

Just then, my reflection seems to move,
before I do
at that thought,

perhaps the time I spent in silence,
I was lost in obscurity and forgotten,
maybe they all lost the thought of me,

there's fear in my bones,
a dread that perhaps if I open my door,
there will be nothing,
only the empty feeling of all my actions,

Just then, I feel my reflection move once again,
before I do,
As if no control existed in my being
my head turns to the door,

What if the world is still there,
what if all the blank stares
still exists,

I feel my hand reach out to the knob
without me doing so,
existential dread exists in my every bone,
I hope its not,
I hope its all not there,
My reflection takes one last look at me
before smiling, and opening the door.
-Armando Torres