Monday, August 12, 2019

early mornings

"early mornings"
Underneath the early morning hues
     of blue and grey and orange,
          the morning mists begins to form,
appearing over the ground
like a ghostly haze,

The first chirps of birds
can be heard in the distance
     as a cool breeze
          swims in over the trees,

There is a hint of regret
     on my heart,

Somewhere in this dreary
          damp morning
               there is beauty to be seen,
     but I only feel
the burn of another sleepless night
           my eyes
                with every blink,
                     I don't see the morning,
I feel the ache in my bones only,
the tossing and turning that has become so routine only,
          my sunken eye sockets that feel normal now
     is the morning that exists for me,

Someone somewhere is seeing a beautiful sunrise
as the mist evaporates,
giving way for the light to shine the day,

but not me.

I only see the dreary morning hues give way
      for another shitty day.
-Armando Torres


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