Monday, February 3, 2020

salt and pain

"salt and pain"
There was a poison
     I allowed to drip
               the cracks
                    of my depression,
Onto my soul,
     And over the years
this awful hole appeared
          that left me open
               to all of my fears,

The essence of who I was
     Became lost,
And the strength to find it
     Fell away,

I was left with nothing
     But the pain,
The constant sting
     Of poison burning through me,

I lost some of the innocence
That was my personality
And traded it for cynicism,

I look at my past
     And Only
Remember the painful experiences
     That I'm convinced
Define me today,

I wonder then,
     Where are all the happy,

I'm always back
To the bad things in the End,

Maybe its what I've chosen,
     Or perhaps,
It's all that's left,

Just droplets,
     Of Salt and Pain.
-Armando Torres