Tuesday, February 11, 2020

winter sea

"winter sea"
I feel my icy breath
     slide out over my lips,
          Watching as it fades into the winter air,
wondering where all the time
     has gone,
I barely even remember anymore,

I have fallen in as well
it seems,
Into the faded relics of our history,
Caught in the swirl of memories,
Spiraling to a center,
Catching glimpses of our past together,
wondering where all the pain came from,
where it all went,
There's a hint of misery
on the icy air,
Reminding me
     that some time has been spent
Loving one another,

I feel a longing amidst this winter sea,
Of old thoughts and blurry dreams,
An old timeless kind of feeling,

There's a hint of warmth
in the spaces
between the icy breeze,
A glimmer of sun
pouring through
the cold gray clouds,

There you are,
when I turn,
To warm my hands,

There you are,
amidst this winter white,
To lean in and share a kiss.
-Armando Torres