Friday, February 7, 2020


You were always in my thoughts,
Never too far away,
Anytime I needed to see you
I closed my eyes
Found you in my memories,
There was a time
I knew you so well,
Knew the happiness you felt,
Knew i was the one you wanted
But now,
In this new phase,
I know only pain,
Don't feel the joy
That was once there,
I see only a stranger
Who looks at me with confusion
Wondering who this person is,
I remember the affection we had,
The intimacy of our touches,
Now those moments
Feel so meaningless
What we have is so broken,
There's no going back,
Only forward
And hoping
We get another chance,

Regardless however,
     Of what the future holds
The past has been painted,
Forgiveness is the only way
If we ever hope to feel each other again,
Or perhaps,
We will remain strangers
In the end,
Silent in the same room,
Avoiding each other
Until all that remains
Are memories in empty spots,
To never need you again
When i close my eyes.
To not find you in those thoughts,
To move on
And forget everything i forgot.
-Armando Torres