Tuesday, February 4, 2020

relics of antiquity

"relics of antiquity"
There's a part of me
that is scared all of this
     will go away,
That one day
I will be sitting silently
     wondering where it all went,
Left thinking back
from a silent room
watching your echoes
     move about my memories,
Looking at the spots
     you used to sit,
Remembering when you
     used to kiss me,
Asking myself
     was it all real?
     Did any of it ever happen?
     Or did I just imagine it?
The thought of not having you
     with me
     makes the world
     feel so heavy,
I don't want to experience
my life without you,
I don't want to sit inside memory
Relics of Antiquity
     from a life we once had
I want to experience you now,
To taste you on my tongue
     and hold you near,
To feel your breath
and hear your whispers
and know my heart
     is safe with you.
-Armando Torres