Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A single solitary tear

"A single solitary tear"
I live with the pain inside everyday of my life and everytime I stare at the ceiling lying awake at night I drift away from everything that is and was and realize the early morning frost forming on my window, staining my eyes with what seems like forever and falling into that single solitary moment where time seems to count for nothing. All I feel is the emptiness before my eyes, the hallowed out memories of a life not worth living and yet the early morning frost forms. The droplets streak down the glass leaving their trail for my eyes to follow, not waiting for the world to notice, just waiting for my eyes to hallow. Everytime the night grows long the pain inside streaks down may face leaving a trail for no one to follow and still the early morning frost forms. The thin crystals of ice await my eyes to find that single solitary moment, existing for that one brief instant to stain my mind as I watch here in this mirror my single solitary tear. To drift away from everything that is and was and realize here in this mirror all my pain poured into this single solitary tear as it holds the truth of how vain it really is. These eyes stare into my soul as my tear rolls downward to the end of its existence, to finallly let go crashing unto the floor to nevermore be a part of my soul.
-Armando Torres


Bitter Chocolate said...

Bizarre that as much as emptiness is the most hollow feeling one can have, one can sense it so perfectly well it surpasses the strength of any other feelings, isn't it?

PS: I'm addicted to your thoughts.

TheFLy said...

It is strange. I think its because that emptiness is an inverted feeling of fullness where instead of having space full of things pushing out toward the brim you have a bubble, emptied out, filled with nothing but air pushing out toward the brim. It gets bigger everytime you lose yourself in those empty minutes. And since your mind is so focused on the emptiness, you have that infinite wisdom of such a gloom feeling.

PS: I hope you read more of my writing, I would love to hear some of your thoughts on some of my past works. Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

i really liek ur pictures they add a lot to your writing

Natalie said...

I really wish that this blog would someday be converted into a book of poems. I would like to read them again sitting somewhere on the shore of an ocean at night, with the moon up in the sky... Just me and the words that are like a song of the soul. It is very interesting how your words "melt" while I read them and transform into a melody, into a movie, into feelings... Amazing.