Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Inspiration

I don't do regualar posts on this blog but I have gotten a lot of questions asking me where I get my inspiration from to write my pieces. So I decided that I would just dive a little into my thought process so you guys can understand where my writing stems from. Firstly, not all my writing is pulled from personal experiences, its just that I understand personal issues real well and I can strip away everything with an unbiased perspective to the point where these ideas exist just barely enough where most overlook them. What I do is try to get in the right state of mind, I try to ignore distractions but I dont get rid of them because every little sound, image, or touch can evoke a certain feeling or idea that you may have otherwised overlooked.

Once I find that one feeling or idea, I strip everything away from it leaving only the very essence of what makes it real and I try to understand how its real. I look at the very building blocks of an emotion or feeling and I look at it like a stone in my hand. I see it from all angles and see it for what it is. I am now free to add any situation to it, free to fabricate its existence and create the feeling.

Its easy to get lost in an idea and we do it all the time when we daydream. Sometimes I get so lost in a thought, I go blind to the world around me and venture into this fabricated realm that I have created just to fine tune the feelings one would feel in a certain situation, almost to the point of having to live it. And for me, inspiration can come from anywhere, a song, a person, the sound of the wind blowing the leaves outside my window, the clouds looking down on me, the way the grass feelings against the palm of my hands, everything evokes a certain feeling and most ignore those feelings where I try to realize they are there and understand what my mind is feeling when it happens. Its those little things that really build the complicated mess of emotion and thought a person is encompassed of because everything stems from somewhere. You take it back to the most basic of things and you realize the beauty of how intricate an emotion can be and its butterfly effect.

I try to think about the things people are scared to acknowledge or just dont realize that are there. I try to find the things that have fallen in through the cracks that leave only the emotion. I find the feeling behind the emotion. I see the little pieces inside the machine, I see the intricate and complex beauty of a distorted, jumbled mess of thoughts and sort them out. One at a time.

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Joanne said...

Pepsilicious you're a talented writer. How I wish i have that talent too. I really love your writings. Well, I wldn't be surprised if one day you're works will be one of the publishing company's fave... will be back here often and read... looking forward for your next entry.


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Anonymous said...

by the way, i put a link to your site in my blog. =)

G. said...

You sure go in deep to get that inspiration :P But you have described it very well. Nice writing!

Yeah you really have to get the feel of the idea to really picture it and then convey it in a post.

Natalie said...

Thank you so much for this post! Now I am even more thrilled with your personality :o)
I truly value your honesty in each and every one of your pieces. It is purifying as a prayer, I think. I reminds me to look inside myself and listen to my senses, accept them without judgement...
And it was very exciting to go behind the scenes.... and uncover that the process of creation is just as beautiful as the pieces themselves.


TheFLy said...

Thanks guys, I really do put a lot of work and fine touches into my writing and its nice to know that people appreciate it.