Monday, August 25, 2008

hollowed thoughts

"hollowed thoughts"
I wait in so many ways for this pain to go away but everytime my mind touches them the misery becomes real again. Like when the light slips up over the dark and the veil is stripped away making me see what it is this darkness would have me live with. Why I say for I dont ask anymore, so why I say inside every moment of every day beside the lurking fear of finding it again today. There is no place left inside this hallowed shell of pain, nowhere left to go and nothing left to see but this empty shell of misery. Knowing not within time where other than here holds all I want to know, two places at once, nothing I can do so knowing nothing I lose all I once knew. I know not what you speak of and I dare not know that which I do not understand for there lies at my hands that which I cannot grasp just to haunt me in my face with all that I do not understand.
-Armando Torres


Natalie said...

Armando, I have to say this again: I am very much in love with your writings! First they often make me cry, because I feel that some deep feelings of mine have been disclosed. Then I feel like rereading it again (and again if necessary) to record the thoughts, feelings, memories, visual images that it evokes in me. It is truly fascinating!


TheFLy said...

Wow, thank you so much Natalie. And I love your comments, each and every comment you leave puts a smile on my face. Its good to know that someone is reading the beauty I put in my writings. There's more coming, just have to finish them up.