Sunday, December 29, 2019

pain that was

"pain that was"
I stand in front of this mirror
grabbing the sink
watching this tear
slowly slide over the valleys of my face,
pulling my hurt
through my eye
all the pain that was
is within this single tear.

Seeping in from the edges
of my perception
these feelings bleed through
the fabric of time and space
and I am only able to grasp
in thought,
their essence...
their remnants,
but cannot detect with my senses,
only ever feel them
pour through my soul
leaving their echoes
for me to reflect, out upon the world.

And yet, for now...
I stare at this tear sliding
Over the grooves of my face,
wondering from what ethereal plane
this elegant shimmering drip
has been pulled from,
as it so delicately leaves behind
it's salty remains on my lips,
wondering now...
these emotions ever existed in the first place.
-Armando Torres