Wednesday, December 11, 2019


They say it's anxiety.
But i know that this dread in my heart
Comes from some other place,

     All these faces I see
          Whisper their secrets
Tightly from the skin
     of their lips,
Looking to see
          if anyone is listening.

Their distrustful eyes
     slide from side to side
          revealing the lies
               their smiles try to keep hidden.
          Am listening.

It's like a different language.

They say one thing
          Mean something else entirely,

They think that i don't know...

They cackle their arrogant laughs
Sharing in the fact
That they think their secrets are safe,

But I cackle that last laugh
Because i know i went mad
A long while ago.

Only knowing now
My sanity
to them
Is only valid within my own dread.
-Armando Torres