Monday, December 31, 2018

those Glowing eyes

"those Glowing eyes"
I sit and write 
my very last words; 
for these words 
have come on their own accord 
to describe the hidden horror 
that surrounds me this very moment. 

My eyes 
this night 
these invisible tears
that painfully burn away any hope of sleep.

I cannot escape anymore 
for the darkness surrounds me 
all around. 
And the voices
     -Oh my god those voices, 
whisper deep.
all My secrets
I wish I no longer knew,

The voices tell me My darkest thoughts,
charring my mind
and burning deep 
to where all exists 
as only a distant memory. 

Existing now inside a cesspool of lonesome questions  
I finally see those glowing eyes. 

They burn with searing red 
inside my head, 
for those eyes exist only
to haunt me this night.

The darkness of black 
drips down the walls 
and the silent moans of the wind creeps in; 
For the darkness has me deceived that I cannot leave.

I hope for something more but only see the dripping darkness,
I wait for something more but only see the glowing eyes,
I see only the haunting lies of my life. 
And Nothing more.
-Armando Torres