Friday, December 28, 2018

A single solitary tear

"A single solitary tear"
I live with this pain 
everyday of my life 
and every time 
I stare at the ceiling 
lying awake at night 
I drift away 
from everything 
that is and was 
and finally realize 
the early morning frost forming on my window, 
staining these eyes with what seems 

Just falling 
into that single solitary moment 
where time seems to count for nothing. 

All I feel 
is the emptiness 
of hollowed out memories 
of a life not worth living 
And Yet, there, where I look, 
the early morning frost 
begins to form. 

Droplets  of icy water
streaks down the glass 
leaving their trail 
For my eyes to follow, 
not caring if the world will notice, 
just existing for these eyes to hollow. 

Every time 
the night grows long, 
this pain inside 
streaks down my face 
leaving a trail not worth noticing 
and yet still,
the early morning frost forms. 

Thin crystals of ice reach into existence from the edge of the window
waiting for me to find that solitary moment, 
only existing for that one brief instant 
to stain my mind 
and make me see
here in this mirror 
my single solitary tear. 

Drifting away from everything 
and realizing finally 
my pain poured 
into this single tear,
the truth 
of how vain it really is. 
-Armando Torres