Monday, May 15, 2017

you were

"you were"
you were all the things
I thought
a person
could be to me,
you were at one time
the love of my life,
the piece of me
I never knew
was missing
until I found you,
I still catch glimpses
of our past,
those moments in the morning
we spent in bed
because our lips were so close
we could touch each other's,
all those lovely nights
spent on the couch
watching movies,
laughing together
learning life at the same time together,
you were to me
what I believed
every choice
I had ever made
was meant for,
I loved you,
we were happy
but that all changed
and you were no longer,
we were worth saving
but you saw me
as worth leaving,
I still miss you
you were as well,
you were.
-Armando Torres