Friday, May 26, 2017

There was a Time

"There was a Time"
I look down
and the ground disappears,
everything becomes a blur of color and sound
purely on the periphery of where my mind exists,
it's here
where I usually see you again,
as a thought,
an essence,
a boundless idea floating among the nostalgic waves of memory.

It's a late day in June
among the swaying trees,
the sting of the heat has softened
and the cool hues of every shade of blue and violet
have spread up and over the horizon,
the rhythmic pull of the ocean
pushes the glittering embers
of yellow and white over the surface of the water
toward the shores
disappearing in a flicker
against the sandy rocks.

There was a time
where I could see none of this,
A time
where your echoes
would be the only thing,
but now the ground fades to blur
and I find the softness of a cool summer breeze
brings me a smile.
-Armando Torres