Thursday, May 25, 2017


     in the darkness
sits a shadow,

     a ghostly relic
          refusing to be forgotten,
it waits patiently
as the night hours
fall upon me,

relishing on all
the sweetest kinds of miseries
     of mine,

pressing its long pointy finger
     against my head
          it pulls out
all my many fears,

horror fills my face
and its toothy grin grows,

getting what it wants
     it crawls
     from whence it came
          and waits patiently
once again
     for another delicious drip
of anguish,

my terror turns to despair
and I quickly rest my eyes again
falling back into the dark void once more
where again it fills with my many agonies,

It knows this as well
and again
from the corner
I can hear the anticipation
in the giddy clicking of its toothy grin.
-Armando Torres