Thursday, August 13, 2009

I know

"I know"
The candle flickers, the shadows dance over one another and the coolness of the night settles in and then you begin to feel it even though there seems to be nothing more but a lonely dark room lifeless of anything except for those dark reminders that creep up and over your eyes leaving bloodshot stains and dark bags. Its here where I see you, its here creeping up with my eyes that I peer into what you show without you knowing. You sit there alone because I aint there but I still see you; as I hover over your shoulders I see you and what you do. So don't forget that when alone feels just enough where no one knows, I know because I can see you. I find your hollow existence and watch just so somehwere in this mess of existence something finds purpose to be even if its just you. Just so there will be a record of your insignificant blip in this floating abyss of everything that is because you are somewhere even if alone feels so alone, dont because I know.
-Armando Torres