Tuesday, October 27, 2009

only nothing

"only nothing"
My necklace broke today and for a brief instant I lay there waiting for the meaning of this to dawn upon me like a fierce breath of fresh air. Instead only the echoed silence lingered and the ringing in my ears floated fresh for me to hear, only the dim glow of the morning seemed to be watching as only dead bewilderment froze upon my face. I found nothing in that moment, nothing upon it that said to me it was of significance, nothing in the cosmos noticed, nothing except for me. For it was me that made that moment exist, it was me that made it so, it was I and not fate, it was my face that watched and not God. I saw and therefore it was and for a brief moment found what I was looking for only for it to fold into infinity and exist as an instant of only nothing.
-Armando Torres


This Brazen Teacher said...

Sometimes I wonder if "only nothing" means "only everything". Not sure if you meant that analogy... but I thought it when I read this. :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog again. I'm sorry I've been out of touch for so long. I will do better ;-) Take care Fly,