Monday, August 3, 2009

as he forever forgets

"as he forever forgets"
Gone are the days of now, however
he can only slide the knife back and forth
with every motion bringing him closer
to where he thought everything he forgot to see
would still be there, but as time sneaks past
only the ugly hollow remains of now stains his face.

As he forever forgets what it was that brought him to this place,
the soft slices of a rusty knife only remind him of a life once worth living.
The salty tears of his regret
hang above
as they watch over and only spill when he remembers.
Gone are the days of now, only the little sounds of night shine bright;
only the days of here pierce his soul
because now doesn't exist when all you do is split your wrists.
He forgot how now feels and only writhes in here
because gone are the days of yester year.
Gone are all the regrets
as he forever forgets.
-Armando Torres