Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Those ominous gray Clouds

"Those ominous gray Clouds"
I chased you, ran after you, followed you but I couldn't keep up. I lost you and there I stood under those ominous gray clouds looking up teasing me to give up but everytime I gazed above I could see your face only a distance away. So I ran, I ran until the air in my throat burned and my lungs pushed out against my chest, until the very tissue of my muscles tore away and my legs collapsed; there to lay under those ominous gray clouds with sweat dripping from every pore. I stood with the fire burning in my legs as they begged for no more but I couldn't stop. I saw nothing ahead of me and nothing behind but I continued to try and find you. But here I now lay eyes upward toward those gray ominous clouds watching for your face and I see it only a distance away. I lay here a tattered tired man who has given up running and has found you only a distance away.
-Armando Torres


Natalie said...

I am very curios what inspired that...
As all of your writing, it instantly arises associations in me. And I have slightly weird ones, I think...
Is there a story behind that?


TheFLy said...

Well, with most of my writing there are very few that I actually pull from personal experiences. Rather, I look deep into one thought, I strip away everything away from that single idea and just dive into the very essence of it and understand what makes it real.

For this one, I looked at the idea of loving and losing and then regretting. I pulled a personal feeling from my own life to understand it fully. There was this one day when I was sitting outside with my notepad and the clouds were just there looking at me. A lot of thoughts ran through my head and I decided to make the allusion of having those faces look down on a person and their regrets. So, there ya go.