Saturday, May 17, 2008


I entered the Wordclay seasonal writing contest for poetry and was one of 100 finalists chosen. I, along with all the finalists and the winner were included in the Best Modern Voices: A Poetry Anthology. I just thought I would share one of the poems I liked from the anthology, this one was the runner up. It's a very well constructed piece and resonates far after you've finished reading.

I used to be an ocean vast and filled with life. I could account
for everything, for I'd been there for all time. I used to stretch
for miles; I used to take up all the earth. I used to be everyone's
everything; you'll just have to take my word for it.

I used to be a great lake. I used to be the biggest one. I was the
womb from which the moon was birthed when the sun had finally
gone. I used to glitter all the time, rain or shine, and day or night.
I was the place you brought your girl to ask her hand in marriage.
You used to contemplate your days at my water's edge.

Then I turned into a pond perfect to sail upon. The best of friends
spent many times together, fishing and laughing until the day was
done. I used to be the spot you watched fireworks burst on the
fourth of July. And I froze up in December when you learned your
best friend had died. I even used to hug the ground where your
family dog now lays.

And then I was a river, quickly flowing over time. I used to carve
sharp rocks into perfect skipping stones. I used to breathe a
constant pace. I used to carry my own beat. You used to come to
me just to wash your dirty feet. We watched the stars together; we
used to spill the same amount of tears. I watched you bloom and
grow; together we shared the best of years.

But now I am a creek, under a bridge somewhere unknown. Time
has shrunk me down, and I am here to rest alone. Some days are
better than some others; my water flows and then dries up. It
would help to have some company; it would help to have my friend.
But I just don't really know when I'll ever see her again.
-Daniel Bristol