Sunday, November 25, 2018

snowflake splendor

"snowflake splendor"
Sitting inside with windows closed
     as it snows outside.

the cool breath of winter
hits the edges of the window pane,
and there
beyond the glass
the soft fog forms.

Somewhere in this December white
sits silence
shedding tears for something so far away.
Alone feels so alone this time of year
and the pain so painful.

the sky slowly falls
settling softly on the icy sidewalks
blending it all together.
Crystals of infinite shapes
reach and stretch
from the edges
of the window
as the somber white
a December winter not worth remembering.

A ghostly visage of silvery seconds spent
hidden somewhere behind these flakes of snow
hiding the dying light.
Looking out once more
from behind the glass
I finally shed the tears of snowflake splendor
     and am left to watch fall all the snow.
-Armando Torres