Friday, November 2, 2018

sense of time

"sense of time"
I stay frozen
     in a single position
losing all sense of time.
barely moving
or even wanting to.
the world just blurs from view
as I sit here like stone.  unmoving.  just staring.
seeing only memories
that fall away so easily
at any thought.

my mind jumping through every regret,
every happy moment that was,
all those moments feeling real
but are only a hazy dream now
that swirl away and hide
in darkness
at the mere touch of reality,

i barely even have
the motivation to move my eyes anymore,

only existing here now
as a point for these memories
of depressive reminiscence,
all this fake weight of my mind
made as real as a mountain,
paralyzing my ability to learn,
killing me with every moment
as I sit and stare and
lose all sense of time.
-Armando Torres