Thursday, June 18, 2009

...inside forever

"...inside foerver"
...inside forever however, we never remind ourselves of the blind temptations that linger on the edges of depression for it is we that lie at the center of what it is to be and never do we find ourselves where we should be except there in that moment that seems to last for nothing but as a memory of pure nostalgia, though amensia drenched insomnia forces us to forget as the dark rings crop around things we finally see and has eluded us for so long, we finally remind ourselves just so we can forget inside forever.
-Armando Torres


Clarisse Teagen said...

i love the pictures.... where and how do you find them??

Daniel Benoit said...

It's amazing how you can write about these abstract emotions with such fluency and thoughtfulness.
How the hell do you get away with sounding so meditative without being sentimental or self-pitying?