Friday, June 12, 2009

I'll be There Soon

"I'll be There Soon"
Oh how the twisted and contorted pictures of the world before my very eyes have unraveled into the very words that my mind has painted alive. It must have been the beer; its clear now that it was the liquor; I'm sure it was the shrooms; I know now Ill be there soon but for now I ride the high tide through these strange rainbows and butterflies, these loud sounds and white lights. I sway off the walls and fall upward toward the heavens as my eyes roll backward, the world seems to be playing with me, the stars and moon, I know now Ill be there soon. Where is it that I find these wonderful places, in all the faces, in between the spaces, somewhere crazy because these little pills sit still until I find my third eye to solve my problem of balance, at first glance my first chance is walking sideways on my wall but just fall and crawl to where I end, cause I aint immune. I know now Ill be there soon.
-Armando Torres


This Brazen Teacher said...

I find it interesting how severely different this blog is from After Dinner Mint. It's like there are "two Fly's..." the happy go lucky guy you would want to have a beer and tell dirty jokes with at a dive bar somewhere... and then there's this darker, deeper and more confusing guy. Perhaps you are a Gemini?

TheFLy said...

I like this idea of having two different sides to me but after entertaining that idea it makes it seem Im schizophrenic, haha. Im actually a Taurus. ;-) I like to keep my writing dark cause mushy gushy stuff tends to get rather boring for me. Not enough of a creative outlet. But in the darkness that I soak my writing in, there tends to be uplifting messages hidden deep within the context of the writing. I give the reader the option to read what I wrote and take it at face value and the other option, to dive deeper into the words and context and find the hidden meaning I lay within all my writing.

buzz buzz

TheFLy said...

Oh yeah, I'd have a beer with ya Brazen. Anytime! ;-)