Saturday, April 4, 2009

only a tear away

"only a tear away"
I was fooled by the lonely illusion of thought of actually finding 'you'; you were nothing more than a reminder of my lonely life, nothing more than an exercise in delight. We felt right together but the fabrics of responsibility seemed too much in our infant state and you became nothing more but my reminder that life laughs coldest when you cry the loneliest tears. I found you only to not have you because this glass wall is too hard and too high to climb. So its here at my crossroad of life that I find you only a tear away; I miss you I say and you can see it only a tear away.
-Armando Torres


Unknown said...

I love it, as usual. Beautiful!

TheFLy said...

Thank you. I love getting compliments, haha. I truly do appreciate feedback.