Sunday, April 5, 2009

my dichotomy

"my dichotomy"
I hate how you have me, I hate how you love me, I hate that I love you and everything that you do. I hate how your eyes are the most beautiful eyes Ive ever tasted with mine. I hate how your lips taste like pure bliss and I hate how so passionately we kiss. I hate how perfect you feel in my heart and I hate how perfect you smile and I hate how apart we are. I hate how I cant walk away and I hate how I cant say goodbye. I hate how much I love you and I love how much I hate you. I hate this, I hate it. I hate how I can see you but only exist as your secret. I hate how much I love this; I hate my dichotomy.
-Armando Torres


Kat said...

Life has a way of shitting on us hugh, I've had my version of hate recently also, I hate how it makes me feel. What I hate more is not knowing if he hates how it makes him feel

This Brazen Teacher said...
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This Brazen Teacher said...

May I politely recommend that you "love your dichotomy?"

I only say this because- scientifically speaking- you cannot have one side of dichotomy without the other.

So my guess is you only strongly hate what you strongly love. And since you say you hate these things...

And if your goal is stop loving something you hate... then you should love it.

Or something like that

TheFLy said...

@Kat: Being in the unknown is always uncomfortable. Being in that purgatory of emotions always has an unsettling feeling brewing in our stomachs. Makes things go slower and a little bit harder. The edges seem to be rougher. I hear ya.

@Brazen: I have a line in the piece; "I hate how much I love this" I totally agree with where you are getting at. The thing about the dichotomy is that it has to exist and the fact that it exists creates the division, where it doesnt exist. Hate and Love exist no matter what but it doesnt have to exist for me. I have to forget it. Running the course is too hard sometimes.