Wednesday, March 27, 2019


If only we never met...
or maybe we only met
     but never knew,
only then would we never have found
these kisses of ours.

that would never have happened.
Never to feel your touch,
only then would we never know.

But we do know how we feel to the touch,
the way your lips feel against mine,
how time seems to slip away
when I'm with you.
Trading the day hours for the night
waiting for the next time I see you.

Talking to you makes
the whole world melt away
and only you and I are left.
Only your words,
your eyes,
only the way you look at me,
only you
feel where I should be,
only you
are what feels real and right,
here in this stream of experiences and memories,
only your touch.

We are a slice of time
folded over
To exist inside.
A whole world inside a memory.
Our worlds.
Our memories.

I only
want to kiss you
until we get to the best parts
with you.
-Armando Torres