Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Empty Spaces

"Empty Spaces"
I still see you in every moment,
     in empty spaces
          overlaid as memory,
all that remains are
     walls full of empty spots,
empty corners and doors,
          just echos of a past no longer,
there was a lifetime worth of things
     not said
     between us,

our purpose that once meant so much
     no longer means much
     of anything now,
          except as a ghostly relic of antiquity,
     just thoughts
     separated by time,
               a cesspool of lonesome questions,

I see you there,
     in front of the mirror
          fixing your hair,
and there on the couch
     leaning into me,
I hear you in my thoughts,
     as whispers
     in from the edges of silence
     on the delicate tips of memory,
          bringing with it
               the icy chill of remembrance,
       only I remain now,

I feel solely the essence
     of your memory.
-Armando Torres