Friday, January 11, 2013

The Demon from My Dreams

"The Demon from My Dreams"
I see him everywhere now, the demon from my dreams. 
Its not always real or perhaps 
its what it would have me believe 
leaving me to ponder the course of his will 
beyond the confines my wonder. 
Reality it seems has abandoned me; 
for all that is 
feels a blur 
and from the corner 
his searing red eyes are fixed upon my torture and pain. 
Alas, for he and I know 
I can feel the pain no longer 
but only that of 
the horrible emptiness of the void. 
The mind 
was never meant to find the vastness of hell 
or that of beyond, 
never meant to linger about 
on the edges of madness 
there at the cliff of all sanity 
to tumble over far beyond the lines in our mind 
to fall and find the demons of the void 
to be real. 
I fear the cracks are beyond repair 
and hell has found me 
but perhaps 
it is what will bring me back. 
The dreams have blended into reality 
and the horror of hell sits in the room with me 
waiting for me to take the tumble. 
I have failed in my madness 
to find the edges 
and perhaps that will cost me more than my soul. 
I think however, 
the infinite void 
is far worse than all the horrors of hell 
and now begin the talks 
with the demon of my dreams 
to perhaps find any kind of salvation 
from the torture before me.
-Armando Torres