Monday, May 11, 2009

My Friend

"My Friend"
Ancient dust, old rust, like a picture worn thin, I look back then to find my friend, somewhere rusted back behind the brand new, its there where I find you always, the tried and truest part of me, however and forever my friend because again and again its you I find in my weakest of moments, in my most cherished of moments, in those few seconds of brittle elegance, the delicate brushes of memory, the touches of back then that makes now so full of meaning, but however and where ever here leads I have found that which beats with me in the truest sense of what it means to finally have that one person that really and truly transcends a relation of end and will always be my friend. I again find myself somewhere back behind the new, right with the old rust, floating in the wind, gliding with the dust, looking back then to finally find that one true friend.
-Armando Torres

a birthday present; Happy Birthday Yessenia!