Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Chance

"A Chance"
I wanted a chance with you, just a chance. It was over before it ever started and thats why the tears fall on the inside. I wont let you see me cry, I wont let you see these feelings die, you will just taste the painful hurt on my face. Just the empty stare of a broken man, barren and bare, watching you leave with my smile hidden behind those sad eyes of yours because we both know all we needed was a chance, just a chance. I cant see you anymore through this foggy stare, they finally got out and you cant ever see them because your life doesnt need them, it doesnt need me. There's no longer room for that once beautiful secret you gave my eyes everytime I spoke a mile in words, no more room for your smile you hid away from the world and lovingly gave to me. No more and never because our chance is nothing and nowhere. All I ever wanted was a chance, just one chance.
-Armando Torres