Sunday, December 21, 2008

I died again...

"I died again..."
I'm a hollow shell of what I used to be. Long nights is how I live with bloodshot eyes and empty rooms. Empty nights and full moons. I died and didn't even notice. I died and didn't even feel it. I'm somewhere between what is and was while will be is only something for those who haven't died. And there I forget where I am and become dead everytime I remember again.
-Armando Torres


Clarisse Teagen said...

omgosh. .
what are you thinking??

This Brazen Teacher said...

You know what's so cool about dying... is that you can be reborn again too ;-)

Deb said...

Hi formerly known as Fly!

Nice blog - have you checked out Horatio Salt at

- you remind me of him, he reminds me of you, poop poop de doo!

Nice to see ya!