Monday, November 10, 2008

Forever Never Happens

"Forever Never Happens"
There are no rainbows or butterflies in her beautiful lie only the long empty look of her eyes. She sits drenched inside lonely gloom dripped through her apartment window, crying for the day to return. The sounds of silence deafen her within the haunted echoes of muted seclusion. She is loneliness personified soaked in lugubrious despair. Forever never lost in the moments of here and then when the beginning is only her end. She is no longer eighteen forever. No longer that sweet girl she so remembers in those moments of hollow stares. The long shadows have grabbed at her heart as she clings to the soft gloom that softly pours through her window hoping inside deep tears everything will pass. She is no longer eighteen forever because forever never happens.
-Armando Torres


Bitter Chocolate said...

People are somehow programmed to perceive themselves as the same person throughout their whole lives, but this is just our brain's mechanism which ensures continuity is seen in things that might not be anyhow connected, for we might be nothing like our current selves in ten years, yet we'll still believe we are the same people we used to be. Perhaps that's why dealing with the fact that nothing is forever is so difficult....