Thursday, July 3, 2008

Those Eyes

"Those Eyes"
Into those gleaming eyes I see the misery of your life; I see all those things in your dreams all the secret little things kept in secret from everything, but in those eyes I can see all your lies. You have no feelings but the pain where it stains your feelings for evermore. Leaving you so empty inside with eyes that seem to die everytime the light touches them. No longer open to see all those things you swore you saw but never seen. Swore to never miss but missed all there is to miss, saw all there is to see but never saw all that you missed. I left a hallow shell of me inside your memories, to be destroyed in a dance of thoughts and memories to finally die a death only darkness will see.
-Armando Torres


Alexis-Marie said...

Wow.. Deep.. so so so much feel . I love it

TheFLy said...

Thanks. There's more to love. I hope you comeback and read more.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fly
Better start thinking positive
good things are happening.
Cool poem tho:)
I feel bad not being around.
I didn't forget you fewls;)
have a great weekend. I'll look for your late night at the SPOT

Anonymous said...

beautiful, as always. Reminds me of a story I once wrote called 'Eyes of Treason'. I am actually at a loss for words at how much I can relate to your creations, even though most is not based on experience, you tend to capture the very essence of what makes some of us tick...

Natalie said...

Sometimes I read something, and I think it's nice or interesting or inspiring... When I read your writing, what I feel is that it is very REAL. And it is very powerful: it touches something deep inside, something that I am not always aware of. I get a feeling as if you could see me through... (scary ;o) ...