Monday, June 2, 2008

My Cosmic Trip

"My Cosmic Trip"
Something plays on the T.V. but I'm not watching. Its dull blues and greens are spat on my walls dripping to where the cool darkness watches from outside the window as the crickets play my elegy; I've gone. I see something else in the empty space before me. The gentle daze of night covers my eyes where I rise above the midnight clouds to fly with the moonlight; I exist in the endless cosmos and catch the passing wave to ride through the stars as the dogs howl in the distance, the moon bathes the grass in a deep blue and my eyes soak themselves inside it to which I then remember. The feeling washes over me and covers my every inch of existence where I fall ten million miles and crash back to my television.
-Armando Torres


Kat said...

I gave you an award look at my blog

TheFLy said...

Thank ya,

Roberto said...

This reminds me of staying up and watching late night tv. Nothings on, but you watch while your mind wanders onto something else. Before you know it it's 3am and you've been daydreaming at night.